Midterm Election 2022 Results: Democrats Hold House Majority, Republicans Defy Expectations

Midterm Elections 2022 Results

Historically, midterm elections are difficult for the president’s party. But with the exception of a few close races, it appears that Democrats will retain their House majority and perhaps even pick up seats.

But Republicans are defying expectations to notch several wins in traditionally blue areas and win key Senate seats. Votes are still being counted, including in Georgia where Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock will face Republican challenger Herschel Walker in a Dec. 6 runoff.

House of Representatives

The framers of our Constitution designed the House of Representatives to most directly represent the desires of the American people. The House has several powers assigned to it, including the power to initiate revenue bills, impeach federal officials and elect the President in a tie in the Electoral College.

The Democratic Party’s prospects for taking control of the House appear to be improving. But they face a long road to reclaiming the majority they had going into this election cycle.

Most states drew new congressional districts for this election in light of the 2020 Census. Check here to see if your district changed.


Amid high inflation, rising crime and a political culture that demonizes “others,” voters are expressing frustration with the government. They also want Democrats to fight for their priorities and to keep Republicans in check.

The midterms were full of surprises, with a few races still waiting to be called. Many of the seats that were supposedly going to the GOP went to Democratic candidates instead. This was mainly due to the redrawing of congressional districts after the last census, which makes it difficult to predict a winner until all votes are counted.

Voters resoundingly rejected the extremist agenda of the far-right figures backed by Trump. Even in the reddest of states, such as Kansas, voters backed abortion rights in a referendum measure. And the high profile defeats of Trump-backed candidates such as Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastriano were a warning that far-right political movements have no place in America.


Across 46 states, voters chose governors and state legislative seats. Democrats made significant gains in the state Senate, flipping Michigan and Minnesota and gaining a trifecta in both states for the first time since 1972. Republicans held their own gains, gaining control of the Tennessee House and a new majority in the Florida Senate, and strengthening their existing trifectas in Iowa and South Carolina’s legislature.

While gubernatorial races tend to receive less attention than the battle for congressional seats, they often carry high stakes and could impact future elections. Democrats defended governorships in the presidential battlegrounds of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin while retaining the Kansas seat won by Trump in 2020.

Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Tony Evers of Wisconsin and Maura Healey of Massachusetts were all elected to their second terms, and Laura Kelly defeated Republican challenger Derek Schmidt in Kansas. But Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico and Kathy Hochul of New York were both defeated, and Republican Kevin Stitt was re-elected in Oklahoma.

Attorney General

In this midterm election — the only one held between presidential cycles — state attorneys general are up for grabs. But the Democratic majority in most of these states makes it unlikely that Republicans will gain seats.

For example, Democrat Peter Neronha is the clear favorite in Rhode Island. His opponent, former prosecutor Charles Calenda, is not well-known and has struggled financially.

Other Democrats include Kathy Jennings in Delaware, William Tong in Connecticut and Letitia James in New York. Democrat Raul Torrez has an advantage in his race against Republican challenger Mark Gay in New Mexico. His name recognition and experience as a county attorney give him the edge against his rival.

The other states to watch include Georgia, where AG Chris Carr won the primary and will face Libertarian candidate Abraham Hamadeh in November, and Arizona, where Democrat Kris Mays holds a slight lead over Republican Sigal Chattah. These races remain too close to call.

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